First of all I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the people who have left such kind and positive comments on numerous forums and websites, It’s really helping me mentally and to progress my recovery forward.

I did mention in Part 1 that I had experienced serious damage to my brachial plexus, this is set of 5 nerves that exit the spine at the neck and control your arm. In my case I had torn 4 of the 5 nerves permanently out of my spine leaving my right arm completely paralysed. The one nerve still remaining has been grafted with nerves from my leg and side and may give me some limited movement within my bicep and forearm. I spent close to 2 weeks in hospital with 3 MRI scans which themselves were pretty daunting and then spent 13 hours straight on the operating table.

It was a horrible feeling lying on the floor after the accident trying to work out what had happened, it was a messy situation to be in and i’m just glad I have only lost the use of my arm, I could have lost so much more. The first couple of weeks after leaving hospital were so hard, I went from being a super active guy on the bike 4-5 times a week and in full time work to a guy who couldn’t stay awake for more than a couple of hours and found it extremely difficult to dress himself.

One thing that has taken me by surprise is the nerve pain, I had thought that it couldn’t be too bad if I can’t feel my arm at least it can’t hurt, how wrong could I be. I have a constant tingling pain in my hand and have waves of electric shock and crazy pulsing pains.

Every day is hard but I’m just so glad to be recovering and back in work. I still love mountain biking and don’t plan on stopping any time soon, its actually pretty rad riding one handed!

A huge thanks to my family, Mojo Suspension and Thomas Bannister (thanks for popping down and helping me understand the injury).

Music: Cinematic Orchestra – All Things to All Men