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Tom gives you an insight into some very special parts that he has never shown to the public before.

3D printed mudguard and chainguard. Next level release system designed to allow his arm to come away from the bar in a crash. 

The list goes on with cool things on this bike. This one is not to be missed. If you have any questions please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.




Video created by Alex Tyler |

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  1. Erin
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    I wish I would have found these videos years ago. I was in a vehicle accident almost 25 years ago that left me with a left brachioplexus injury. I had some nerve graphing and long story short, I still have very limited use when it comes to my left hand. I have three kids and have dreamed about biking with them since they were born. I haven’t been on a non-stationary bike since I was 15, when I got in my accident. Although I love your bike and modifications, is there a bike/ adult tricycle you might recommend that I should start out with that will keep my balance more in check and do you sell the handle adjustments once I get comfortable enough to ride two wheels? Thanks for the inspiration and I can’t wait to finally catch up to my kids!

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