January 2016 Newsletter | NotBroken Update | ‘Learning by Doing’

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Kamikaze Podium

Happy NEW YEAR! It’s 2016 and we have been busy. First off let’s recap on 2015… Okay we didn’t keep you fully in the loop, that’s because Tom was extremely busy preparing for his return to racing. The main race of 2015 was the mental Kamikaze Downhill race in Mammoth Mountain, USA. Tom took his prototype, 3D printed hand attachment straight to 1st place with a time that would have been respectful in his non-adaptive age category. Check out the videos over on our Instagram page if you missed them.

Arm brace development
You may have already seen our video documenting the project between Tom, Poppy Faruggia and Dominic Eggbeer of PDR, this has had a very positive response. (View the video here) We have been taken back by the amount of attention and support it has created, it’s truly fuelled the flame with the team and we’re excited to begin the next phase and push to bring a production Armbrace and release system to the market as soon as we can, we’re getting closer!

The NotBroken Store
The NotBroken store is now open! Thanks to every one who has placed orders so far. If you haven’t, you know what to do. Help us grow and continue to build the NotBroken community and spread awareness.

NotBroken Store

Giving Back | The NotBroken Adaptive Network
Tom receives many emails asking for tips and advice, he loves it and learns a lot by talking to others but it takes a lot of time to do this so this why we have come up with a solution, The Adaptive Network.
The vision is that it will become the knowledge base for all adaptive experiences and lessons learnt to aid others whether that will be around adaptive sport, one handed bike set up, living with a disability to medical treatment and recovery. The Adaptive Network relies on you the NotBroken community to give your take on things and advice on what you have learnt and ways you have over come your injury and/or disability.

We have built a structure to organise the subjects but we know there are personal experiences waiting to be shared, so please sign up and start communicating within the generated groups or even start your own group.
If you need any help just message us and we will assist you. 

NotBroken Adaptive Network

We need you!
We are really keen to find more adaptive athletes and would like to start a regular feature on the site showcasing such individuals. If you think you fit the description then give us an email and let’s chat! Know some one who you think deserves a mention, let us know. 👍🏻

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    How’s Tom? I crashed in January of 2016, I also injured the nerves of the brachial plexus. The lesion was total with avulsion of c5 to t1. My accident occurred while training road cycling. I would like to pedal normally a mountain bike marathon, like competition. I met you on the Instagram. I live in Brazil, I have many friends here who pedal for adventure. Therefore, would like to develop the exoskeleton or buy your project if possible !? How could it initiate, if it considers feasible such development? I would like to share my experiences and keep in touch with you. Congratulations on your initiative, thanks to people like you I can go back to dreaming and being happy cycling. Thank you Instagram ricci.rogerio as Rogério Ricci Brasi, state of São Paulo, Portuguese language.

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