Martyn Ashton | Back on Track

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A true legend! Still a mighty impressive athlete.

Martyn is #NotBroken! We have admired and looked up to Martyn for years; But this is by far his biggest and most inspiring achievement. Back on Track takes you on a roller coaster of a journey, seeing Martyn padded up in his wheel chair at the start strikes you as a shocking harsh reality of his previous career path as a trials rider and stunt man/performer. I have been lucky enough to be part of this project from the start, many of you may know but day to day I work at Mojo Suspension. I've watched the creation of this one of a kind machine and seen this idea grow into some thing far beyond what any of us thought would be possible.

In all honesty the true drive has always been Martyn and his ability to learn to ride with out the use of his legs! Martyn was always so supportive of the arm brace and I think it gave him some confidence seeing what I was able to achieve with the help of Chris at Mojo. The team at Mojo and Paul the main Mechanic that fabricated the bike have created a world first and this is a solid example of being #NotBroken.

Tom Wheeler / NotBroken