The Art of Balance EP. 2 | Lewis Edwards | Amputee Paratriathlete

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Lewis was involved in a serious car accident that damaged his arm so severely it had to be removed. He was on his way to his first patrol in Iraq when an animal ran out in front of his vehicle.

Tom (Notbroken) first met Lewis around a year ago, a friend of his had seen one of his early 'Tom Wheeler Project' riding videos and told him to get in touch to discuss adapting his prosthetic arm to make it suitable for riding.

Tom instantly took a liking to Lewis after he sent over his pictures of his DIY hand attachment, it reminded Tom of himself and the process he had been through.

Now a year on Lewis has got some of the best equipment on the market and is beginning his journey to becoming one of the UK's best paratriathletes. He's not just adapted to one sport, he's adapted to four if you include his off road mountain biking too!

He inspires us here at Notbroken to keep progressing and has given Tom the drive to compete again!

All photos by: Alex Tyler

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