Bike Check: Santa Cruz Bronson / Adapted for Right Hand Use

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Post by Thomas Bannister – original article can be found here 

After my first proper technical night ride on the Bronson in the Garw Valley, South Wales with the Garw Valley MTB Lads, I realised I wasn’t as comfortable as I would like when it comes to the steep and technical stuff. Sure the larger 650b, 27.5″ wheels make things a bit more challenging on the really tech stuff but I think I just need to learn the different line choices required to compliment the larger wheel. That said, I still thought that I could benefit from the following tweaks to my set up:

  • Tip bars back to give a better angle on the steep stuff.
  • Change the shuttle bumper in my forks back up to 160mm to give a better ride height on the front for the steep stuff. This may have a penalty for climbing but I’m happy to compromise – I’m a downhiller at heart anyway!
  • Change shifter from a Shimano M670 bar mounted shifter to a SL-M660-10R shifter fitted with a Trickstuff SRAM-Shimano Adapter on to a left handed Formula Mixmaster clamp. This has pulled the shifter out of my way of my thumb when I grip the bar in some positions.

These tweaks have given me a much more comfortable set up as pictured:

: Thomas Bannister