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    Martyn rides Fort William on NotBroken parts!

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    Tom Wheeler’s Mojo Nicolai GeoMetron

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  • Pioneering 3D Printed Splints

    Tested by Injured Young Sportsmen

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The story of guy who has been in the darkest side of life after a bmx crash. Adolf tells the story of his journey and the way this accident has motivated him to fight to be back where he was. … Read More

Martyn Ashton | Down Not Out | Mountain Bike Party

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This is the biggest project we have been part of too date and it’s all thanks to Mojo Suspension for taking on the challenge of building bespoke bikes for adaptive riders. Head Designer here at NotBroken Tom Wheeler designed, tested … Read More

Bike Check | Tom Wheeler’s Mojo Nicolai GeoMetron

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Tom’s Mojo Nicolai GeoMetron The One Handed Stuff: Hopey Steering Damper: Starting with the steering damper. This is a mountain bike specific damper made by hopey. If you are planning to ride one handed I highly recommend going for one … Read More

Injured young sportsmen put pioneering 3D printed splints to the test

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People who have suffered a life-changing injury are getting a helping hand at Morriston Hospital using innovative 3D printing technology. Specialists at the hospital and a leading innovation centre in Cardiff have teamed up with patients to create and test … Read More

Robbo’s Stiniog Accident | The Story of Andy Robinson’s Brachial Plexus Injury

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On December 13th 2015, I travelled to Antur Stiniog to take part in a charity fundraising day for Wales Air Ambulance. This was with a few friends, and we were looking forward to meeting fellow mtbers wearing fancy dress, raising … Read More

January 2016 Newsletter | NotBroken Update | ‘Learning by Doing’

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  Happy NEW YEAR! It’s 2016 and we have been busy. First off let’s recap on 2015… Okay we didn’t keep you fully in the loop, that’s because Tom was extremely busy preparing for his return to racing.

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